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  1. I found that on facebook, if I had a situation with any substance to it, my posting about it didn’t change how I felt or make me feel like people cared at all. Aside from a few real friends that I can talk to elsewhere, the rest of my friends were really only interested in something funny or clever. I’m not that kind of person. That is why I started my blog. I still have my FB account open for just making sure I keep up with things I may care about.

    • Carla Renee, I couldn’t agree more. Facebook is a poor substitute for a real life. Meanwhile, there are so many creative, diverse blogs, websites, aggregators etc, letting Facebook dominate your online life means you miss out on so much. I really can’t see myself going back and it troubles me that more and more sites only let you log in via Facebook.

  2. How nice to hear of your experiences with abandoning the Facebook ship. I have been Facebook Free for just over a year now and have been fascinated with the responses to my leaving Facebook and the reactions I get today when I inform people that I don’t have a Facebook page. I remember mentioning at a coffee club social that I was leaving Facebook and people just sort of mentally began to stumble and fall around me. Today, when I encounter someone who “invests” 20-40 hours per week on Facebook via computer, kinda-smart phone or iPad, any chance of building relationship with them is pretty much squashed like a butterfly meeting an 18 wheeler. I kid you not – I get the impression that people think I’m really weird or perhaps a sex offender that I seem unimpressed with Facebook. Honestly, between my career, family, friends, interests and my own blog I’m quite content with my own world and don’t mind keeping intact the privacy and modesty that Facebook silently steals away from you. Thanks again – and I won’t be seeing you on Facebook.

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