Listen: Your Favourite Psychopath on RTÉ Radio One’s Arena

gone girl

Psychopaths, wha? You couldn’t be up to them. To be honest, I love the darker side of popular culture. Thankfully for sickos like me, the past few years have produced a bumper crop of psychopathic characters that can easily stand shoulder to shoulder with Hannibal Lecter and his fava beans. RTÉ’s Arena recently did a feature on psychopaths in fiction, which I contributed to. Narrowing down my list of ‘favourite’ psychopaths was tricky but I got there. It included Frank Underwood (House of Cards) Vee Parker (series two, Orange is the New Black) and Amy Dunne from Gillian Flynn’s Gone Girl*. From an Irish perspective, I highly recommend Liz Nugent’s brilliant Unravelling Oliver as the Oliver in question is a rotter as Roald Dahl would say. You can listen back to the chat here.

*Every time I see a new still etc. from the Gone Girl film I pray to Gods I don’t believe in that they will do the book justice. I’m probably asking too much but I live in hope.

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