Notes on Feminist Activism & the Repealed Eighth


For as long as there  have been feminist activists, there have been ‘experts’ telling them ‘you’re doing it wrong’, until we’re proved right.

The personal is still political.

Neoliberal individualism may be shiny and seductive but collective action remains the only path to collective change.

​With time, openness and dialogue, once supposedly radical positions, like believing in a woman’s right to choose, ​can become the norm.

The struggle for reproductive choice is local and global. This is a great moment for women’s rights in Ireland but also for the rights of women and girls around the world. 

The Eighth was ushered in partly because of what Catholic hardliners considered to be the threat of Roe v Wade.  It is bittersweet and sobering that abortion laws in the US are being rolled back just as Ireland’s are being liberalised.

Our fight continues.


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